Self-hosted ftrack Studio setup

Watch this on-demand webinar to get an overview of ftrack’s self-hosted solution and what is required to install and run it.

Patrick covers:

  • What our self-hosted solution is and who it is for
  • What ftrack’s infrastructure is based upon
  • Technology overview from CentOS, NGinx to Kubernetes
  • How to install ftrack Studio using a dummy demo production

Watch the webinar

What is this webinar about?

ftrack offers the opportunity to have a self-hosted solution for ftrack Studio. This enables you to host your own version of ftrack Studio to maintain in your facility or on your private cloud. This webinar goes through the basics of how to set-up ftrack’s on-prem/ self-hosted solution giving a short demonstration using a dummy production environment. Patrick will also touch upon the various technologies used and the techniques to support you in getting your own solution set-up.

Webinar speaker:

Technical Consulting Engineer