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Animation after a pandemic:
COVID-19’s impact on the industry

Watch panellists from Blue Zoo, Bomper, Boulder, Fourth Wall, and Cloth Cat Animation, as they offer direct insight into the impact COVID-19 and lockdown have had on animation companies. From the perspectives of both pipelines and people, the panel will reveal how studios have reacted to and learned from the effects of the pandemic.

About the webinar

Watch our panel discussion to discover how animation studios were affected by COVID-19, from personnel to pipeline.

In this webinar, panellists from leading animation houses will offer practical insight into how they flexed animation pipelines around new post-lockdown workflows. Join the discussion as panellists cover the actions their studios took to weather the storm as employees left offices to work from home, discuss the new pipelines necessitated by a WFH culture, and reveal some of the unexpected benefits that arose from this new way of working.

Is a remote model the future for the industry? Should animation studios and teams expect a permanent change in the way they operate in the post-COVID world? 

  • How were animation studios affected by COVID?
  • What can studios do to react and adapt to a WFH culture?
  • What tools and pipelines helped the transition to new animation workflows?
  • What has COVID-19 taught us about the future of the industry?
  • …and more


Jon Rennie

Managing Director
Cloth Cat Animation

Emlyn Davies

Founder & ECD
Bomper Studio

Francesca Pesce

Post Supervisor
Blue Zoo Animation

Jardine Sage

Assistant/Animation Director
Fourth Wall

Chris Lynch

Pipeline Manager
Boulder Media

Your host

Ian Failes

Befores & Afters

About Tyler Childers ‘Country Squire’

This webinar’s header image comes courtesy of Bomper Studio and the team’s work on the music video for Grammy-nominated artist Tyler Childers’ ‘Country Squire’. The production took place over six months from January to June 2020 and saw the team have to quickly move from the studio to a variety of WFH setups due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Bomper implemented a robust remote-work system that allowed the team to continue production and keep on top of all the disparate strands of development.

Watch the music video and how the Bomper team produced the animation while WFH below.

Learn more about Bomper’s work on ‘Country Squire’

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