What’s new in ftrack Review

Last updated 30 June, 2021

June 2021

More easily write and clarify notes with smart text features like bold, italics, and strikethrough.

Add bullet points to make listed items more easily readable.

All labels to make it easier to identify specific notes and make instructions more clear to note recipients.

Team members can now receive notifications from a note via @ mentions.

You can mark notes as completable once any feedback requiring action is completed.

May 2021

ftrack Review is now available in Korean!

ftrack Review can now be used by Korean-speaking teams who don’t feel comfortable using the English UI. ftrack Review presents no barriers between Korean-speaking users and understanding the software.

ftrack Review can also be used in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and English.

February 2021

Copy a unique review link with one click and share it with an invitee! You can paste the link in IMs, calendar invites, Slack messages, or wherever else you wish. Sending a URL link is the simplest and quickest way to join a review. You can also add a passphrase to the review, so only those with the access code will be able to enter and comment on media after following the link. (You can still invite collaborators via email, should you wish to do so.)

Shareable review URLs are also available in ftrack Studio 4.6.8 for external client reviews, making it easy for invitees without an account to jump in.

Upload or import media from directly within a review session. You can upload multiple files at once—with progress indicators and the ability to cancel uploads if needed—or import assets from your existing library of previously uploaded media. Overall, it’s super easy to update your review at any time.

ftrack Review’s vertical playlist is available from the review session’s bottom-right corner. The vertical playlist displays all media with full file names and allows media reordering via an easy drag-and-drop interface. You can also delete unnecessary files from within the playlist. The vertical playlist complements the existing horizontal playlist, so you can still use and manage your media files from there.

ftrack Review’s project and review pages are super accessible. Projects and reviews can be created with just a few clicks, getting you into the review almost immediately so you can add your comments and feedback. You can also easily jump into existing projects and reviews with a single click.

ftrack Review’s annotation tools are faster, more precise, and more responsive than ever before! With these updated tools it’s easier than ever to sketch concepts and accurately communicate visual ideas.