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Welcome to ftrack Studio, ftrack Review, and cineSync – Academy Award and Emmy-winning solutions with the power to change the way you collaborate.

Creative project planning
Creative project planning

Where creatives collaborate

Creative projects don’t need to be complex. With ftrack Studio, ftrack Review, and cineSync, you can connect every person and piece of a project.

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Break down barriers to project
delivery with powerful solutions

Break down barriers to project
delivery with powerful solutions

Project planning

Plan every step and resource on a project and remove the stress from deadlines.

Task management

Whether you’re working with 100 tasks or 100,000, make it easy for teams to see what’s next.

Team management

Help your team raise the creative bar and be confident you have the resources needed to hit deadlines.

Project reports

Increase control. Visualize progress, forecast production bottlenecks, and optimize your approach.

Video review

Eliminate mixed messages, misunderstandings and mistakes with synchronized creative media review.

Asset management

Visualize the progress of every single creative asset. Follow 1000s of production assets.

Pipeline development

Customize workflows, add features, and automate processes. ftrack flexes to your needs.

Virtual production

Perform 360/latlong video review with cineSync and track real-time assets in ftrack Studio.

True teamwork

ftrack’s solutions are built to work from anywhere so creative teams can work from everywhere. Get everyone in sync via a single source of truth.

Collaboration at the heart of every interaction

Synchronized media review in ftrack Studio, ftrack Review, and cineSync. Wherever your teams are based, you can connect, discuss, and iterate as if you’re in the same room.

Powerful tools for technical teams

Powerful enough to handle complex projects, but simple enough to work out of the box.

Access production-proven integrations with leading creative apps so your artists can stay in the tools they love–or build your own with ftrack’s powerful open source API.

Academy Award- and Emmy-winning solutions

Platforms dedicated to creativity. Our tools benefit projects across animation, VFX and post-production, advertising, feature film, episodic TV, and more.

Your security is
our key concern

The confidentiality of your content is of critical importance. We continually reinforce our cybersecurity measures and regularly undergo third-party audits to ensure online resilience.

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"cineSync is a very efficient way of working. It's all focused communication on and what's in the frame, and there's no time wasted driving across town."

Christopher NolanDirector, Tenet

"Post-production can be unpredicatable, but ftrack Studio helps to turn chaos into something that everyone involved on a production can easily understand."

Anthony BloorCreative Director of CG, MPC

"Whether you want to know what has been done or not, which is the approved version of an asset, or anything else, the place where you find that information is ftrack Studio."

Michele ScioletteCTO, Cinesite