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Roy Escherich, Managing Partner – Storz & Escherich
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Quick facts


Cloud based team collaboration

Regardless if your team uses Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems, access your projects from anywhere in the world by using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser. There is no additional software to install, making ftrack easily accessible for everyone.


Quick & easy to use

ftrack has been developed with artists in mind. Our UI is easy to learn, saving you time to concentrate on your creative projects and team collaboration.


Production proven

Used by major studios on commercial projects, ftrack is production proven in a variety of industries including visual effects, marketing & advertising, game development and other creative visualization workflows.


Free tutorial videos

We have a set of easy to follow tutorial videos to get you started with ftrack today. Learn how to setup your first project and collaborate with your team.



Whether you’re part of a small team or are looking for an enterprise solution, ftrack provides a seamless bridge to your production pipeline. Straight out of the box, ftrack offers deep integration with popular CG, VFX and video editing tools. If that’s not enough, our production proven Python API allows you to build custom tools that communicate directly with ftrack.


Risk free

If you don’t feel ftrack is suited for you, you can cancel your trial at any time and you will still be able to use ftrack for the remainder of the trial period. Start a trial today and see for yourself how quickly you can manage your creative productions.

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